YoupiPaint Pro for Windows

YoupiPaint Pro for Windows
  • APP : YoupiPaint Pro for Windows 1.4.2
  • Licens : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare :

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YoupiPaint Pro for Windows

YoupiPaint Pro for WindowsYoupiPaint from is a paint tool designed to produce quality drawings with realistic rendering on your computer. Particular care was taken to ensure that the software remains efficient in all circumstances. The ease of use of YoupiPaint is our major concern for you to focus on your drawing rather than the program. Using YoupiPaint you will have the same feelings and the same pleasure than to draw on a real canvas.

Key Features:

1 Drawing surface:
– infinite canvas
– infinite layers
– undo/redo
– background papers
– move, rotate, scale the surface.

2 Brush engine
– 50+ predefined brushes
– pen pressure sensitive
– user brushes fully customizable
– add, remove, duplicate, import, export, sort
– the brush engine studio allows to develop your brush engines

3 Colors
– swatches
– palettes
– color wheels and panels
– color generators
– gradient panel

4 Tools
– brush
– selection (rectangle, ellipse, polygon, path, free form)
– shape (40+ predifined shapes), with stroke and fill. Tranformable into selection.
– text with stroke and fill. Transformable into selection.
– line, polygon, curved line tools
– fill tool, pattern fill tool
– magic wand selection tool
– gradient tool
– image (import/export, copy, paste) tool
– color picker
– symmetry tool with up to 30 symmetry axes, positionable anywhere
– perspective tool
– comic strip tool
– ruler tool
– timeline tool, allows to animate your drawings

5 Effects
– 40+ predefined effects, customizable.
– basic color, contrast, luminosity and many other effects
– artistic effects
– Effect engine studio, allows to add any effect

6 User experience
– positionable panels
– multiple screens
– save/restore layout
– global window transparency
– full screen, no distraction mode
– contextual menus and toolbars for each tool

7 Performance
– Fully OpenGL for stunning performances
– Brush and effect studio use OpenGL Shader Language

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