• APP : XPM 6.0
  • Licens : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : ProtocolSoft

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XPMXPM is a commercial quality performance management & traffic analysis solution, it can help users achieve fine-grained performance monitoring and traffic analysis for service chains, application components, databases and networks.

Scenarios include: early warning of service quality degradation, fast fault location, fault liability division, performance optimization suggestions, accident scenario restoration, network traffic backtracking, etc.

The objects that can be monitored include: Web and middleware using HTTP protocol; three structured databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQLserver); network node, server and client.

XPM can be applied to traditional physical architecture and private cloud Underlay architecture. In actual deployment, users only need to prepare an X86 hardware server, install ISO files to the server according to installation guidance documents, and export the traffic to the server through the switch mirror command.

XPM supports unpacking VXLAN, but if you need to deploy to a virtual machine or analyze private cloud OVS traffic, users need to have better private cloud technology capabilities.

XPM is permanently free of charge for network performance management and traffic analysis, while other modules are charged. After the user installs XPM, the user needs to generate the page prompt according to the license, check the relevant functional modules, and activate the relevant functions according to the guidance to start using XPM.

User’s manual and first use guide of the product have been packaged in the compressed document. Please read them carefully. Thank you.

For any questions, please consult [email protected]. On non-holidays, we will reply within 24 hours after receiving the mail.

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