• APP : WebIntoApp 1.0
  • Licens : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : webintoapp.com

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WebIntoAppThe WebIntoApp is a program that allows you to run the WebIntoApp.com services on your desktop. The WebIntoApp.com is an online App that allows you to turn any website into a FREE or a Dedicated App for any Android and iOS devices and platforms, fast and easily. Also, you can Push Notifications to your App users and get the usage statistics of you App using the Google Firebase service, earn money by adding an AdMob banner to your App, set the icon of your App, set the Ownership & Certification of your App, get the source code of the App and much more. All this from an online environment with a few mouse clicks. There are a few tutrials that will guide you of how to create your Android and iOS App, such as adding the Firebase and the AdMob capabilities to your App, running and compile the source code of your App and more, with an easy to understand explanations and images for each step.

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