TinTin++ Mud Client

TinTin++ Mud Client
  • APP : TinTin++ Mud Client 2.1.92
  • Licens : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : MUDhalla

Download TinTin++ Mud Client

TinTin++ Mud Client

TinTin++ Mud ClientTinTin++, aka tt++, is a free console Mud Client, terminal multiplexer and shell scripting language for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows that runs in console mode. Its main assets are a easy to learn yet powerful scripting language featuring just-in-time compilation, full telnet support, automapping, perl-compatible regular expressions, a split screen VT100 interface to separate mud output from client input, and keyboard macros that work on all systems. TinTin++ runs on Windows using the Cygwin Linux environment, WSL, or the Windows installer. TinTin++ runs on Android using the Termux Linux environment for which it’s available as a package. TinTin++ runs on iOS using the iSH Linux environment.

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