Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Softorino YouTube Converter 2
  • APP : Softorino YouTube Converter 2 2.0.80
  • Licens : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : Softorino

Download Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Softorino YouTube Converter 2SYC 2 is huge step forward. The application evolved into universal music and video downloader for iPhones & desktops. It features:

– Trim-less Ringtones [EXCLUSIVE]: Our hand-crafted feature lets you download any YouTube video as a ringtone and send it into your iPhone in a SINGLE click.
– Freedom of sources: Apart from YouTube, users can seamlessly download music and videos from popular sources like SoundCloud, Daily Motion, Vimeo & many many more.
– Automatic Wi-Fi: SYC 2 instantly detects any iOS device connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
– Automatic Content Recognition: SYC 2 automatically detects YouTube songs and fills in the proper cover art inside the iOS Music app.
– In-app browser: The quickest way to download and convert any You- Tube video is to use the magical in-app browser. Now you simply open up SYC, search for your favorite YouTube video and download it all with- out leaving the app.
– Universal Connection Bridge: Watch any video on-the-go! Apart from desktop computers, SYC 2 supports all the iOS devices and even any iPod ever created.
– Automatic Wi-Fi: New SYC 2 recognizes every device connected to the same Wi-Fi. Simply select the preferred iPhone or iPad and start the download.
– 4K Ultra HD Support: Apart from 4K quality, SYC 2 also supports videos with high frame rate (30,60fps). Even the latest trend, VR 360 videos are fully compatible.
– Full Playlist Support: SYC 2 comes with a full playlist support. For ex- ample, if a playlist has up to 100 videos, they all can be downloaded in a single click!
– The Freedom of Sources: Apart from YouTube, you now have access to convert and download videos from more than 60 popular websites.

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