Softaken Split vCard Tool

Softaken Split vCard Tool
  • APP : Softaken Split vCard Tool 1.0
  • Licens : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : Softaken

Download Softaken Split vCard Tool

Softaken Split vCard Tool

Softaken Split vCard ToolSplit vCard Tool from Softaken has been designed to split a single vCard file into multiple vCards in no time. The app is lightweight and easy to configure. It has been tested for accuracy by Softaken and has been rated by several users for its performance. The software splits single VCF file at a time regardless of the file size. It uploads the filtered VCF file automatically and provides its preview. Users can view entire contact details of VCF before splitting. There is one more advantage that the app offers is to split VCF file and save it to MSG format at user’s defined location. The tool doesn’t seem new to you even you are using it for the first time because of its interactive interface. Each tab is well-descriptive, shows the steps of conversion. Extracted VCF files can be used as Gmail or Yahoo contacts, uploaded on Apple iCloud and multiple small devices like Android. After generating a new VCF file, it shows the list of VCF files in its preview button. The free trial of the app is also available at the Softaken online store. Feel free to install it first. The license of the application is available in three versions- individual, business and enterprise. Choose a suitable version considering your needs. Though the tool is easy to install and run, Softaken technical team provides 24 hours of technical assistance. Download the free trial at first.

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