Softaken PDF Champ Tool

Softaken PDF Champ Tool
  • APP : Softaken PDF Champ Tool 1.0
  • Licens : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : Softaken Software

Download Softaken PDF Champ Tool

Softaken PDF Champ Tool

Softaken PDF Champ ToolIt is a multi-performer application, allowing users to set security, remove security, split, PDF, merge PDF and much more. The app has been designed by Softaken keeping in mind the needs of users for PDF files. Both individuals and commercial users can download the app. PDF Champ is seriously a champion that can resolve all your queries related to PDFs. The user-friendly app can enable users to lock and unlock PDFs. With unlocking it removes the restriction of copying, editing and printing PDFs. With locking it locks a PDF file to restrict copy, edit and print options. The application supports migration of PDF to images. All PDF data can transport to JPG or PNG format. If you are looking to personalize a PDF file by adding the company logo or name as a watermark, you can do it with add watermark feature of the app. It supports split and merges PDF files. It splits PDFs by pages and merges multiple PDF files. There is a feature to create an invoice. Users can create invoice quickly without putting extra effort. Without installation of PDFs, users can read or open PDF files. Free PDF Champ trial is available from Softaken for 30 days. Download the application today. The useful app is available in three versions- individual, business and enterprise. The individual version is cheaper than business and enterprise. The enterprise version can install 50+ systems.

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