Softaken EML to G Suite Wizard

Softaken EML to G Suite Wizard
  • APP : Softaken EML to G Suite Wizard 1.0
  • Licens : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : Softaken Software

Download Softaken EML to G Suite Wizard

Softaken EML to G Suite Wizard

Softaken EML to G Suite WizardEML to G Suite Importer from Softaken offers fast and accurate conversion on your Windows system. The app supports cloud-based conversion in a safe environment by exporting only filtered EML files. With EML to G Suite conversion, users can access various email clients databases on cloud including Thunderbird, Entourage and Mac Mail. The application manages to export entire data of an EML file. It supports bulk conversion where more than one EML files can be prepared to export to G Suite. The has two file filtration options- select files and select folders. The first option helps to select files from a different location in the system whereas select folder feature uploads multiple files at a time. The conversion quality is intact. The utility keeps all email components from basic to HTML intact. Before conversion from EML to G Suite, it needs the cloud account details- username and password. Once you provide the correct data, the tool connects with that account automatically. It converts all emails into an existing folder of G Suite or a new folder. Data conversion takes places without support any third tool. The utility manages to export any size of EML files. The free version of the app is available at Softaken store to download before getting its license. Users can apply for individual, business or enterprise version of license from Softaken.

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