Softaken Compact PST

Softaken Compact PST
  • APP : Softaken Compact PST 1.0
  • Licens : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : Softaken Software

Download Softaken Compact PST

Softaken Compact PST

Softaken Compact PSTIt is one of the best-rated applications of Softaken. The app enables to compress or shrink PST files of any size, both ANSI and Unicode versions. It protects PST files to become oversized and corrupted. At the same time, it helps to remove junk or unused space of PST files without compromising the file quality. The standalone program doesn’t need installation of MS Outlook to perform compression task. It is capable of compressing more than one PST file at a time with bulk compression feature. There are two file filtration features- add files and add a folder. Users can feel comfortable to choose any of these options to filter and upload PST files. The ’Add Files’ feature allows users to add one PST file at a time whereas the ’Add Folder’ feature upload multiple PST files holding in the particular folder. The preview pane of the app features uploaded PST files and no of messages each one holds. While compressing data, it doesn’t remove attachments and any other database. The compressed PST files are saved to the user’s desired location in the system. The utility is too easy to operate. There are three steps of compressing data. It works in the background without interrupting the system speed and your current work. The Windows utility needs 100MB free space on your hard drive to install. Download the free trial version of the app before purchasing its license. Order delivery takes place on the same day within a few hours.

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