Security Camera Viewer

Security Camera Viewer
  • APP : Security Camera Viewer 5.2
  • Licens : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : SC Software

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Security Camera Viewer

Security Camera ViewerIf you have one or more IP cameras, then you also need software that is able to receive and display a video stream from these devices. Most likely you will also want to monitor access to the rooms in automatic mode. A modern security system should be able to detect movements using video frame analysis. In the event of an alarm, you will receive notifications wherever you are.
And finally, the program should have a function of recording video from surveillance cameras.

Our software Security Camera Viewer copes with all the above tasks.

In addition to the functions of displaying video streams, motion detection and video recording, the program has a number of professional features, such as:
– Remote surveillance via a web browser.
– PTZ (pan,tilt,zoom) support.
– Setting the ’gray zones’ – areas on the video frame that are excluded from the analysis when detecting movements.
– Take snapshots (.jpg) and start recording video when motion is detected;
– Turn on the loud sound of the siren in case of alarm.
– Sending an incident report to your email. Snapshots are attached.
– Adjust the quality and compression level of the recorded video.
– Play recorded videos with a built-in media player.
– Scheduling video recording and movement detection tasks.
– Ability to work simultaneously with 32 cameras.
– Automatic recognition of the cameras connected to the local network. Support for the vast majority of models of IP cameras.

Security Camera Viewer is a new generation product that is used by thousands of companies and home users around the world. You can check the simplicity and reliability of this software yourself downloading it right now.

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