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Organyze GRABBER

Organyze GRABBEROrganyze Grabber helps you save a large number of files from the Web including Youtube videos, and arrange them in different folders exactly the way you want them, even when you are busy doing something else.

Organyze GRABBER brings you many benefits:
Save time:
Save precious time wasted in downloading files from the Net. Save even more time wasted in placing them in the proper folders and sub-folders. Just queue them up, and the files will download while you get busy doing other, more important things. Or just go for a stroll. Relax.

Improve efficiency:
Queue up all kinds of files webpages, word documents, excel spreadsheets, PDFs, videos and images, presentations build the queue as and when you come across some new content on the Web, and let them download in the background while you are busy doing other, more important things.

Avoid missing information
Ensure you do not miss information in your chosen websites, or from your Web searches by getting the Organyze GRABBER to grab that content for your later reference.

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