MotionCaster For Mac

MotionCaster For Mac
  • APP : MotionCaster For Mac
  • Licens : Shareware
  • OS : Mac
  • Utgivare : Softworks Inc.

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MotionCaster For Mac

MotionCaster For MacSimultaneous Live Streaming and Multi Recording and External output. Easy, quick, try to experience the powerful features.

MotionCaster Features

Built-in Title Maker
– Mix effects in the mix effects
– One layer in multi mix effects make for your contents more exciting
– Quickly and directly create your own various effects
– Create real-time Title, Transition, scoreboard, PIP and any graphic effects

Built-in Audio Mixer
– Control over all audio sources
– Available Separate mute, solo, follow, and mix

Live Effect
– High quality chromakey
– Levels, sharpen, brightness & contrast, hue & saturation
– Cropping

Switching and Transition
– With up to 4 overlays and mix effects
– You can create and apply variety of effects
– Simultaneous apply 4 overlays
– Unlimited transition your own make (motion studio)

Contents management
– Easily and quickly manage most video, image, audio and motion content files.

Input source
– Capture card, SDI, NDI, RTMP
– H.264, HEVC, VP8 and more

Streaming, Recording, External
– Stream Live to Multiple Destinations
– Stream to YouTube Live, Facebook Live,, Hitbox and more
– Multiple, simultaneous ISO recordings
– SDI, NDI Playout

System monitoring
– CPU, GPU, Memory, Network, HDD

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