Monster Legends for PC

Monster Legends for PC
  • APP : Monster Legends for PC 1.0
  • Licens : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare :

Download Monster Legends for PC

Monster Legends for PC

Monster Legends for PCBattle it out with fighting force of omega level monsters and emerging victors in Monster Legends.

Accumulate strong monsters of all shapes and size to uncover rare skills to bosst your strategy in this action pack game. Dominate the world and build an utopia for your monsters to live in, fill it with creatures of all kinds and breed and make your own new species! Bring your monsters on an adventure with you to clear and complete quest while battling through the game with special strategy gain through exploiting your monsters skills, to become a Monster Master.

Together with your firends, connect and join up with other Monsters Community globally. Grow and muster a your forces and start battling today!

Monster Legends Features:

Breed & Collect
– Up to 400 different monsters species to collect. Discover new monsters weektly!
– Breed monsters with different elemental attributes and raritties to create new hybrids

Battle Legendary Monsters
– Collect various monsters of all types through special timed events
– Participate in special events packed with mysterious beast and unknown monster adversaries
– Collect treasures and rewards after completing your quest.

Strategy-based RPG Game
– RPG styled progression as your monsters level up for the battles that lie a head.
– Mosnters grow stronger as improve their ranks via Monster Labs and equip them with better runes that will strenghten them.
– Set up special strategies with different monster combination!

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