Mobile Legends Bang Bang for Windows

Mobile Legends Bang Bang for Windows
  • APP : Mobile Legends Bang Bang for Windows 1.0
  • Licens : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare :

Download Mobile Legends Bang Bang for Windows

Mobile Legends Bang Bang for Windows

Mobile Legends Bang Bang for WindowsIf you are a fan of League of Legends, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game that you cannot miss! Engage in thrilling 5v5 battles and take down your opponents towers to claim victory!

Team up with your friends in this 5v5 MOBA showdown! Choose your favourite heroes and form the A-star team for the fight! The system does speedy matchmaking with players of comparable skills with you. Push though the towers in the various lands with your comrades in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Defeat the turtles for extra gold and exp points to level up your hero quickly. Defeat the lord for an extra helping hand to take down those tower defenses. Its intense battle fun and quick thinking strategy combat in one online game with Mobile Legends. Get crowned the MVP for the game and earn extra trophies to display on your profile.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang features a classic MOBA gameplay that is easy for beginners to learn yet challenging for the seasoned players. With your home base branching out to 3 lanes that leads to the opponents territory, plan your attacking path with your teammates. Be it a 2-1-2 battle or a 1-3-1 strategy, make sure you have all lanes covered else your opponent would attack through the loophole! Minions are spawned regularly to assist you in your fight. The 18 defense towers spread around the lanes would also have an attacking range to defend itself from foreign invaders. Your aim would be to break through all the defenses with your teammates and minions by taking down your opponents and their towers and conquer their home base.

Mobile Legends is an online game that requires high intensity of teamwork and strategic planning. With different types of heroes to choose from, choose one that suits your gaming style and do not forget about keeping the balance within the team. Marksmen incur great damage on the opponents but have low HP. Hence they would require the support from other heroes such as Tanks and Supports to take damage from them.

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