Folder List Print Software

Folder List Print Software
  • APP : Folder List Print Software 1.0.1
  • Licens : Demo
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : isimsoftware

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Folder List Print Software

Folder List Print Softwareisimsoftware Folder List Print Software

Easy to use tool that searches for files within a given directory or drive.
Searches multiple folders
Support for file patterns and recursion
Matches time criteria (created, last access, last change)
Custom list output format editor, including preview
CRC32, MD5, SHA1, and SHA-256 hashes
Writes results to a text file or the clipboard

How To Easily Export Folder Lists and File Structure to File

Folder List Print Software

Folder List Print Software provides a text-based list of all your computer files. Choose the folders, drives, or directories that you want indexed and receive a complete listing of their contents.

Folder List Print Software is a software for Windows and enables listing and printing of a directory structure in a simplest way. By copying to the clipboard the directory listing can be exported into other programs or opened directly in Word, Excel as well as Writer, Calc and HTML or XML.

In addition to simply print, export, and list a directory tree Folder List Print Software offers a wide variety of further useful functions making this file manager a great tool you do not want to miss anymore. The set up and display of file lists can individually be defined by different selections and filter options. The directory listings can be formatted, filtered and saved to several other formats as well as be further processed; as for example you can directly delete, copy or move the requested files. MP3 and video lists can be displayed with information about the length. The requested depth for subdirectories is freely selectable. Many more options to create your requested directory listings are possible.

List folder contents

Folder List Print Software allows you to list & print folder contents, that is to createand then save, print or send via e-mail list of files from selected folders on hard disks,cd-roms, dvd-roms, floppys, USB storages and network shares. Listing can be

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