• APP : EverFastAccess 3.3
  • Licens : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : TechOrga

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EverFastAccessEverFastAccess is a Menu that appear right next to your mouse in one key-press to help you dramatically boost your organisation and productivity.
It allows you to take notes and access them very fast by automatically accessing the one you want according to your cirteria or by attaching it to any window, folder or file!
It has integrated Rich Note Editor but can also work with Evernote or Notepad!

EverFastAccess help you access and organise information in a much more efficient way!

Want to take notes on a document? EverFastAccess can create and access a note on this specific document in just a click!

Want to take notes on a folder (the way you organise it, a few words on every file?): EverFastAccess is here for you!

Want to be able to take and access notes on your projects and ides in a few sec’?? ==> EVERFASTACCESS HAS YOUR BACK!

Download it now for free!

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