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EncryptStickEncrypt Stick software turns any Flash Drive into a portable Digital Privacy Manager (DPM). The Digital Privacy Manager allows the user to easily protect, secure and manage their sensitive files as well as logins.

The Encrypt Stick Private Browser runs from your flash drive or main computer and provides unparalleled web surfing privacy as it leaves behind no trace whatsoever on the host computer. The Encrypt Stick Private Browser ensures that even if someone gains access to your computer, they will never know where you have been on the Internet. It maintains private bookmarks and a cache to improve performance in an encrypted vault on your flash drive. You can then plug the flash drive into virtually any computer in the world knowing that your browsing history is protected.

Encrypt Stick 5.3.3 includes an integrated Password Manager. The tight integration of the Password Manager with the Private Browser allows you to maintain an unlimited list of login information for all online accounts that you access including your corporate portal, online banking, shopping, travel, and even your social media accounts.Selecting one of your saved logins from Encrypt Stick’s Password Manager opens our secure browser, takes you to the site, securely fills your username and password, and logs you in, all with a single mouse click or a few keystrokes.
Never forget a password again and log into your sites with a single mouse click.

First, you can rest easy knowing that all of your data on the lost flash drive was encrypted and NOBODY can ever get access to that data. At any time you can choose to backup your vaults. The Lost Flash Drive Tool backs up all your encrypted Vaults and Files to your Host Computer. In case you loose your flash drive you can recover those lost files.

Encrypt Stick is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Encrypt Stick is licensed to one flash drive, which means you only pay once to receive both versions of the software!

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