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DoxaScan Composer

DoxaScan ComposerWith DoxaScan Composer you can easily import PDF, Image, and Word documents into an easy- to-use environment to securely annotate, create searchable PDF files, and assemble your documents. Seamlessly integrate with desktop scanning applications.

The DoxaScan family of document process automation tools helps automate your document workflows with ease. Complex tasks are made simple by intuitively secure and accelerate documents throughout your organization.

A simple-to-use tool to automate your file naming, storage, indexing, and document capture into EMR/EDR, document management. Or other secure storage environments. Whether you are extracting metadata for file naming, splitting or routing, DoxaScan Composer easily integrates this information into your environment.

DoxaScan Composer Key Features & Benefits

1. DoxaScan Composer Intuitive Main User Interface
2. Read 1D or 2D barcodes (including QR codes) for splitting, file naming, routing and more
3. NEW confidence-based barcode recognition
4. Automate file naming and folder creation
5. Preview page splits and validates barcode reading and settings
6. Data mine for text found anywhere within your document using Regular Expressions or OCR
7. Create barcode separation pages or add them to existing pages. Composer will even search for open white space for automated placement
8. Remove Personal Identity data like Emails, SSNs, Credit cards and more
9. Inspect documents for Personal Identity Infractions
10. Clean up images to increase accuracy and reduce storage needs
11. Use barcodes to create PDF bookmarks
12.Convert between TIFF and PDF formats to standardize your file formats
13. Secure your PDF files with Digital Rights Management
14. Privacy Auditor to detect PII data such as social security numbers or credit card numbers
15. Natural Language Processing to talk with your documents in normal English language.

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