Cydia Guru

Cydia Guru
  • APP : Cydia Guru 2.0.37
  • Licens : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : Cydia Guru

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Cydia Guru

Cydia GuruNo doubt that the Apple Inc denies thousands of important Applications to keep in App Store. But the truth is most of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users want to try new apps on their iDevices that are not available in the official App Store. Android users have not these kinds of issues because Android OS is free to download third-party apps. Thanks to the tools like Cydia Guru, iDevice users overcome the strict restrictions imposed by Apple regarding third-party apps and get to customize and control your device even more efficiently. It is important to note that the tool does not have the role of jailbreak, but rather provide users with the means to download Cydia iOS 12 rather than wait until the official releases. Therefore, by installing the tool, you are going to be eligible to get root access to the operating system and hence, access apps, games, tweaks or themes that are available with Cydia. Please note that the Cydia Guru tool does not have the role of jailbreak, but rather installs Cydia

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