Crazy Face Swap

Crazy Face Swap
  • APP : Crazy Face Swap 1.0
  • Licens : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : AlphaPlugins

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Crazy Face Swap

Crazy Face SwapThe Crazy Face Swap app by AlphaPlugins lets turn any group photo in a comic freak show. This process is so incredibly funny what you may even get wet with laughter unintentionally. Process a photo of your class, your family or your favorite pets by this app and significantly improve your mood.

The Crazy Face Swap exchanges faces on photo. It can exchange not only human faces but also faces of pets like cats or dogs or even a toys and fantastically creatures (sometimes). This smart app uses artificial intelligence and neural networks for detect and replace faces by the best possible way.

The Crazy Face Swap has a very simple interface. But behind this simplicity a very complicated math is hidden. All our efforts were applied to make your work with our app maximal easier and enjoyable. Just make by a cam a shot what contains two or more faces (or pick one from library) and get a fun.


– App automatically detects and replaces faces on photos.
– App can exchange faces of humans, cats, dogs, teddy bear and etc.
– It uses artificial intelligence and neural networks for more accurately faces detection
– App lets to export processed photo into social media, send by email, store in library or etc.
– The App’s interface is clear and intuitively and it’s usage is very simple.
– Results of app’s usage are very funny.
– Laughter prolongs life.

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