BS Ping for education

BS Ping for education
  • APP : BS Ping for education 1.0.2
  • Licens : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : G-92 Developers Group

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BS Ping for education

BS Ping for educationThe BS Ping utility is a tool that is used to see if a computer is operating and also to see if network connections are intact. Pinging an IP address or website can help you determine if your computer can communicate over a network with another computer.

Additionaly, an user can use BS Ping to test out name resolution. If the packet bounces back when sent to the IP address but not when sent to the name, then the system is having a problem matching the name to the IP address.

BS Ping-BE is a program designed for the needs of education.
It can also be successfully used as an administrative support tool.
Unlike professional versions of the product, the user has a limited set of features here.
Nevertheless, they are also available here basic modules such as check an address list, preparation of reports, address geolocation and others.

The intuitive and graphical interface lets you easy to watch the states of network and test the connection speeds of various locations.

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