Audio/Video To Exe

Audio/Video To Exe
  • APP : Audio/Video To Exe
  • Licens : Freeware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : Fatih Kodak

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Audio/Video To Exe

Audio/Video To ExeAudio/Video To Exe converts audio/video files into other audio/video formats or an executable.
Almost all audio/video formats [3gp, aac, ac3, exe, flac, flv, gif, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpc, mpg, nut, ogg, ra, rm, swf, vob, voc, wav, wma, wmv, wv,..etc.] are supported.
You can play, convert your executables without a player, and codec. It works standalone.
It’s not necessary to create executables. Use this tool also as an converter or a player.


– Surface changed
– Drag&Drop support added
– Progressbar added
– Helpfile added
– Codec selection for several formats added
– Multiselection added [Convert multiple files in one step]
– Examination added. If de-/encoding failes you will receive an error message.
– More file formats supported

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