Audio Sound Editor for .NET

Audio Sound Editor for .NET
  • APP : Audio Sound Editor for .NET 7.1
  • Licens : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : MultiMedia Soft

Download Audio Sound Editor for .NET

Audio Sound Editor for .NET

Audio Sound Editor for .NETAudio Sound Editor for .NET adds sound editing capabilities to multimedia applications and allows accessing and modifying audio data through several features:

– Load/export from sound files in many formats
– Load a sound previously recorded by our Active Sound Recorder ActiveX control
– Possibility to load a new sound in ”Append mode”, ”Insert mode”, ”Mix mode” or ”Overwrite mode”
– Possibility to load a specific range of a sound file
– A background sound can be applied to the current editing session, also in loop mode
– Deep analysis at different resolutions of the loaded sound’s waveform with rich visualisation capabilities like range selection, zooming and panning
– Edit loaded sound with cut, insert and mixing capabilities
– Insert or remove portions of silence
– Create and apply equalizer bands
– Apply volume modifications: flat volume, sliding volume and volume automation
– Apply DirectX Media Object (DMO) effects
– Apply custom DSP effects: code of DSP effects can be internal to the container application’s code or inside external DLLs
– Apply Virtual Studio Technology (VST) effects
– Change Tempo, Playback rate and Pitch
– Play the loaded and edited sound or any portion of it

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