Audio DJ Studio for .NET

Audio DJ Studio for .NET
  • APP : Audio DJ Studio for .NET 10.1
  • Licens : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : MultiMedia Soft

Download Audio DJ Studio for .NET

Audio DJ Studio for .NET

Audio DJ Studio for .NETAudio DJ Studio for .NET is a .NET component that adds audio/video playback and mixing capabilities to multimedia applications.

Summary of available features:

– Playback of several audio formats through DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI
– Playback of video clips whose DirectShow compatible codec is installed inside the target system
– Playback of files stored on an Internet server
– Playback of Internet radios
– Possibility to change the player volume and the sound card volumes.
– Multi-player
– Real-time embedded visual feedbacks (VU-Meter, Oscilloscope, Spectrum, Waveform display)
– Support for reverse playback of audio tracks
– Sound card output choice and speakers assignment
– Playlists support
– CDDB database queries
– CD cover pictures retrieval
– Load sound files from memory
– Export loaded sound to WAV format (on both disk file or memory buffer)
– Automatic Fader
– Pre-amplifier
– Advanced equalizer and auto-equalization of audio tracks through formatted XML files
– BPM (Beats Per Minute) detection
– Beats position detection
– Tempo, Playback rate and Pitch support
– Position triggers management
– Cue points management
– Support for DirectX Media Objects (DMO) effects
– Support for EAX effects
– Support for custom DSP effects
– Support for VST effects
– Waveform analysis
– Support for delayed playback of loaded sounds
– Support for encrypted sounds
– Lyrics synchronization through LRC files
– Creation of graphic bars for custom displaying of Vu-Meters, Spectrum and Progress bars
– Integration with our Audio Sound Recorder and Audio Sound Editor components

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