AQLign Yarn Processing Organizer

AQLign Yarn Processing Organizer
  • APP : AQLign Yarn Processing Organizer 1.0
  • Licens : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • Utgivare : AQLign SYSTEMS

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AQLign Yarn Processing Organizer

AQLign Yarn Processing OrganizerAQLign Yarn Processing Organizer is specially developed for company who Purchases Yarn, Issue for Sizing then send warp & weft to Loom. Loom Produce Fabric and Give Back to company. The company can also purchase Fabric for Sale. The software also keeps stock of Loose Yarn and Loose Yarn can be converted to Fresh Yarn by Rewinding Process. Dyeing Issue & Received forms help user to maintain dyeing process. Periodic register and signing slip of all process steps can also be printed. Inventory module maintains personal and stock at all service locations. Sales Tax maintenance feature is given where applicable with tax registers and invoice printout. Accounting Module of software is integrated with all other modules in depth. Costing, Service Charges and P/L calculation through all steps is very carefully and professionally programmed which result professional summary reports of company like Trial Balance, Stock Reports, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

Software Features
Centralized form to Open all kind of Accounts
Categorized Items & Multi-Location Inventory
Stock at Sizing, Loom, Dyeing & Rewinding
Slip & Register Printout of all Input Forms
Auto-Managed Financial Accounts
65+ Accurately Aligned Printable & Exportable Reports

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