AMGtime Lite for iOS

AMGtime Lite for iOS

Download AMGtime Lite for iOS

AMGtime Lite for iOS

AMGtime Lite for iOSThe AMGtime app allows employers to track their employees movements on the go and at remote locations, with notifications for every transaction.

Managers Can:
– Check the Status Board on their smartphone for real-time data on employee location, punches, and time worked
– View absence/presence summaries
– Ensure constant communication with their mobile workforce

Employees Can:
– Clock in/out, enter departments or jobs, and request time off.
– Check and/or print time cards, schedules, and benefit balances.

Key Features
– AMG Selfie: Ensures that employees are clocking in/out for themselves, eliminating buddy punching.
– Location Tracking: Allows managers to keep track of remote/traveling employees. This feature includes geo-fencing for regularly utilized locations as well as logging of employee stops for irregular locations. With either configuration, you can click on the recorded location through the AMGtime transactions tab, prompting a Google map to open with a pin marking the employee’s transaction.

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